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Northland Document Services (1990)Limited are licensed as Private Investigators by the Justice Department of the New Zealand Government pursuant to the Private Investigators and Security Guards Act 1974. We specialise in the location of individuals for the purposes of wills and deceased estates, lost friendships, adoptions, and missing family members.

Please note. This location request is for individuals only where we can disclose your enquiry, and the located person determines whether they desire their contact details released. If you desire a trace undertaken for commercial purposes, please contact us using our contact us form and we will discuss your requirements with you.

Subject's known details Please complete as many fields as possible. The more information you supply, the greater the chance of success.
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Once we have received your location request, we will check the information supplied to ensure there are sufficient details to enable us to commence location of your subject. If there are, we will email you to discuss the trace with you, provide an indication of cost, and arrange how payment for the trace will be made.

Terms and conditions for locating individuals You must agree to these terms and conditions before we undertake a trace on your behalf.
If we locate the person you desire to contact, they will be advised that you are wanting to contact them. If they request that we do not release their whereabouts to you, we will respect their privacy and notify you accordingly. The full trace fee will still be payable.
We do not undertake "confidential" searches. At all times we will disclose to the person you desire to locate that you are wanting contact, and the reason you have given us for making contact. We will take all reasonable steps to verify that we have located the correct person based on the information you supply.
Should it be necessary for us to undertake searches which require additional disbursements to be paid on your behalf, (for example searches of birth / death records) we will notify you prior to the charge being incurred and obtain your consent, and authorisation to charge your credit card before proceeding further.
We will do our best to locate the person you require found, however we do not guarantee success. Location will only be undertaken in New Zealand. Other regions are available by contacting us. Northland Document Services (1990) Limited are unable to instruct other search agents on your behalf.
Some searches may take a considerable period of time. We will notify you by email if this is to be the case.
You are welcome to contact us at any time regarding the status of any search you have placed with us. Contact details are at the bottom of this page, or by email at nor.doc.ser@xtra.co.nz

Northland Document Services (1990) Limited

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P O Box 1835, Whangarei, 0140 New Zealand

Telephone: ++64-9-436 2516 or ++64-9-436 2517

Facsimile ++64-9-436 0993 Mobile: 0274 935 763

Email: nor.doc.ser@xtra.co.nz Website www.northlanddocuments.co.nz

Principals: Colin & Beth Hemming